Some WISE words! Find the time to read them.

I have been talking to people these days wishing each other Happy New Year and asking them what they expect from the days to come…. Did not get many positive comments… They are all wishing the best for tomorrow, but do not necessarily believe in it. They are trying to find their place in this world, full of disappointment, misunderstandings, egotism and selfishness. Wrapped up in ourselves, we refuse to hear, share, give love and compassion to those who need it, including our most loved ones, not to mention our own selves. And those who still do it, are considered dreamers and out of space…

I go back to the days I started understanding myself and making my own dreams for my future. Not in my worst dreams had I ever thought of what I would experience now, fifteen years later.  I was 100% positive and absolute of my successful future, both in my professional and personal life. As a character, I strongly believe in human beings and still now I refuse to see that sometimes they may hurt me. Despite all the bad moments, I still say: “Good will prevail after all”. This idea of mine has cost me so far important personal relationships and business opportunities. Still, I keep doing the same “mistake”, repeating and repeating that since I am nice the others should be as well, which does not stand of course.

Time runs as hell and we lose all these precious moments that make life special. We keep spending money believing that consumerism will take the place of feelings. A friend of mine says that “the eye is always hungry for more” and may I add our heart as well. We have lost communication with each other, we rarely find pleasure in doing creative things that may take our mind away. We often use the excuse of hard working and full schedule to justify our absence. Only when we experience tragic feelings, we reconsider many things and start being more generous and understanding with the others.

Wise words! Thank you X… :*

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