This is my review for #easybulb, which they never posted cause they don’t like bad publicity! #fail

I’m a owner of several hue products and I’m really satisfied with their quality, functionality and support. Their price though is quite high and I decided to try something different. I found easybulb and I gave it a go, mainly because of their price.

I received my package by courier quite fast (7 working days), which for me is really important because they handle their packages more carefully than the post office.

Products were just fine and started to set them up…

To setup and add bulbs is very very easy and fast. Anyone can do it!

The application is rubbish and crashes all the time! Sometimes I had to restart my mobile (Samsung Note 3 not rooted), so I could open the app. Some other times, I tried to change the color in one group and the app kept changing it to all groups! What I did to make it work, is to shut off the lights in all groups, turn it on in just one, change the color, shut it off, turn it on on another and so on…Waste of time!

The most annoying is that although I purchase 6 bulbs, I can only use 4 groups of bulbs, which means that if I want to have different color on all my bulbs, it’s impossible!! This is not referenced anywhere in the site, but it just says that you can have as many bulbs as you like with one wifi controller.

The official reply I got, is that I have to buy another wifi controller to have 4 more groups!

Colors of the bulbs are not as good as hue bulbs, but they are quite good. What remains is to see how long will they actually last.

If you ask me would you buy another set or recommend the product to a friend, I would certainly say NO!

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